Monday, May 2, 2016


Elliot making cards for people

Ollie feeding his baby Dino a fake bottle, which after its done later roars with delight
Ollie loves to spray kids w the hose, well anything with the hose but especially kids
Ezra finally caught the frog in our backyard. He's fat because he eats all the Junebugs
Ollie chipped 3 teeth a few days ago thank goodness they aren't gray
Elliot loves to cook scrambled eggs after she collects them from the chickens

Ollie loves trains so we went on a mini train the other day, when the boys were off of school

I don't have many pics of Rowdy he loves playing w his friends after school. They are usually here at our house but I don't want to interrupt for a picture ;) he loves Pokemon trading cards and it's fun to see the kids trading them and making deals for the little characters. He also just finished a big donut fundraiser for his scout camp stuff
 Rowdy's Sunday School teacher, Sister Flannigan gave him a special key because he sacrificed a treat one day, and he wore it to bed and all the next day at school. They sure love each other. 
3rd grade Living museum Crazy horse

Nan & Pops were getting a sceptic tank installed the only thing better than land is land with rocks on it! We love going to hike around their land & camped there too & watched cows. They live 40 minutes away.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break Idaho Trip 2016 but mostly kid stuff

My kids are blowing me away at he little sweet people they are becoming. I was so proud of Rowdy at Grandma & Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary week, we helped clean up their property and he stayed with it most of the day hauling branches. he loved getting to know the cousins, scratching grandpa's back then collecting candy. Which he gave to Uncle Victor before we left because he was going to miss him so much. IT was a wonderful trip. Ezra was sweet too. He loved playing with Rocco, & Jenna & Elliot. He continued to make everyone laugh. He was asked to hold a picture for their anniversary program. All the girls were holding them upright and he was bored and laid down on the stage. It was funny awesome. Elliot had fun with cousins too and of course scratching grandpas back for the gumballs. all the kids were running around with wads of gum in their mouths. Elliot, Jenna and Elliot would make little forts all over the property or dog sit, Uncle Shane's dogs

airplane ride!!
Rowdy being all independent on the plane
It snowed in Salt Lake!! a lot! but we got to spend an extra day with Missy and Aunt Selena and Yaya picked us up on her way up to Idaho Falls! IT was so fun seeing everyone!! oh yeah we TOTALLY forgot our luggage!! So it also gave us an extra day to run to the DI!!!!!

Chase was right down the street on his mission and we totally missed him! HE was on splits or sumthin wierd. but here is his companion
We got to meet up wiht Locke & Katie and Grandma & grandpa's and  ARmanie Rocco and Paravel. The cousins were all in heaven!! IT was such a fun little reunion. Just missing Papa & Cody

Grandma and her barn tour


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Conference Weekend + Camp

This weekend was amazing! We just finished watching conference, at Nan's house with cousins. The am was at home with a conference packet & an after conference store to purchase prizes with their being good tokens. I am so excited to "Ponderize" a scripture...80% ponder 20% memorize. Well, actually the kids and I started tonight Helaman 5:12. Conference is always so inspiring and exciting, but this one was a little sad too, since Packer, Perry and Scott had passed away. Anyway the plan always just seems so real and easy in conference. We got to sustain Elder Rasbland, Steveson, and Renlund. I am excited to be better and dig in deeper. I am so grateful for the changes I've seen and felt in myself this past year. Especially as a mom. I am so so so grateful for the Atonement.

Here is Ollie, helping as usual. Here with strawberry syrup
 Saturday Cody's friend hooked us up with Angel's tickets. Which was cool because I had been wanting to take the kids, but then super cool because we had a rough end of the week with Rowdy and Elliot super sick. It was so sad to see them uncomfortable, and then Ezra had been feeling sad about feeling lonely at school, and Ollie was teething. He had three teeth coming in this week. My heart was hurting. Anyway it was so nice to have a fun family outing. Plus the game was really exciting too! yay! double yaay!

 Last weekend Elliot didn't have a game and the weather is finally getting nice, so I took the kids camping. Cody ended up having to work so it took a little bit of faith, but I am so glad we did. It was so nice to have the kids outside! Summers can be a little brutal hot especially at the end. They tromped around found tons of spiders. IT was just one night which usually is a bummer to pack and unpack for but I din't even mind. IT was liek we were supossed to be there and make some memories.
 Rowdy was a huge help! He was our activities director, wihtout me even asking him to be. He got the kids exploring and helping. I could not have done it without him. He is growing up so fast :(
What a stud though
 We love sand! This is camping at Lake Ray Roberts
 In the morning we explored some trails. the kids on their scooters and Ollie on my bike. He looooves his bike rides. he pats me on the back sometimes, and other times pulls my shirt out, but most of the time just checkin stuff out. so the only bummer about camping, besides Cody not beig there, was there was a burn ban. So that was lame becuase I only raw hotdogs, so we had to go out. but we ended up reading stories in the tent and that was prety fun too. and Ollie just kept walking around body slamming peole trying to rest. It was pretty fun
I did a little sewing this week, while trying to get Rowdy's badges on his cub scout uniform, I re purposed my old skirt for an Elliot dress. I love this picture of her. She is the cutest little tomboy.

I keep feeling that these times are fragile and precious.