Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break Idaho Trip 2016 but mostly kid stuff

My kids are blowing me away at he little sweet people they are becoming. I was so proud of Rowdy at Grandma & Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary week, we helped clean up their property and he stayed with it most of the day hauling branches. he loved getting to know the cousins, scratching grandpa's back then collecting candy. Which he gave to Uncle Victor before we left because he was going to miss him so much. IT was a wonderful trip. Ezra was sweet too. He loved playing with Rocco, & Jenna & Elliot. He continued to make everyone laugh. He was asked to hold a picture for their anniversary program. All the girls were holding them upright and he was bored and laid down on the stage. It was funny awesome. Elliot had fun with cousins too and of course scratching grandpas back for the gumballs. all the kids were running around with wads of gum in their mouths. Elliot, Jenna and Elliot would make little forts all over the property or dog sit, Uncle Shane's dogs

airplane ride!!
Rowdy being all independent on the plane
It snowed in Salt Lake!! a lot! but we got to spend an extra day with Missy and Aunt Selena and Yaya picked us up on her way up to Idaho Falls! IT was so fun seeing everyone!! oh yeah we TOTALLY forgot our luggage!! So it also gave us an extra day to run to the DI!!!!!

Chase was right down the street on his mission and we totally missed him! HE was on splits or sumthin wierd. but here is his companion
We got to meet up wiht Locke & Katie and Grandma & grandpa's and  ARmanie Rocco and Paravel. The cousins were all in heaven!! IT was such a fun little reunion. Just missing Papa & Cody

Grandma and her barn tour


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